Python in AR/VR Development - workshop

Python in AR/VR Development - workshop

A workshop to re-introduce the Python Ho User Group within the community after a long while when COVID-19 happened to us.

Nonetheless, we were able to successfully hold our first In-Person Meetup on AR/VR Development using Python as a programming language.

The Python Ho User Group held its first in-person meetup since the COVID-19 lockdown on Sunday, August 27, 2023. The event, which was titled "Python in AR/VR Development," was a great success, with over 23 participants in attendance.

The meetup kicked off with a welcome from the group's organizer/lead, who then gave a brief overview of the Python programming language and its applications in AR/VR development, the Python Software Community in Ghana, the various initiatives running under the Community and the projects the community has been involved in since its inception within the tech community and the developer ecosystem in Ghana. The attendees had the opportunity to participate in first-hand experience experimenting with the virtual and augmented reality world by using a physical AR/VR device coupled with trying on different implementations of programming our real world into a virtual world to interact with as project which was delivered by our Guest Speaker - Caleb Mantey, Co-founder and CTO of Relu Interactives.

Presentation by Caleb of Relu Interactives

The project for the workshop was designed to introduce the attendees to the basics of AR/VR development using Python which included creating a simple AR game, developing a VR application for exploring a 3D environment, and using Python to automate faster rendering capabilities and control of a VR headset.

The attendees were very enthusiastic about the meetup and the projects they worked on. They were also excited to learn more about Python and AR/VR development. And also had the opportunity to try the VR headset on to experience interacting with the Virtual World.

The Python Ho User Group is planning to hold more meetups in the future. The next meetup will focus on the fundamentals of Python programming. The group is also planning to have presentations from members of the community on various implementations of Python in industry and side projects.

The Python Ho User Group is a great resource for not just Python developers in and within Ho and Ghana at large but for all developers with diverse backgrounds. The group provides opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration. If you are interested in Python development, I encourage you to join the group.