Python for Cybersecurity

Python for Cybersecurity

Pyladies Night With Slyvia Worlali Azumah

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Are you under the impression that everyone in the cyber-security field is a hacker? Well, it turns out that there are three separate teams: red (offensive), blue (defensive), and incident response, which make up the key cybersecurity capabilities. Learn more about these teams, cybersecurity in general, and how Slyvia Worlali Azumah, a PhD student at the University of Cincinnati, is pushing the boundaries.

This thought-provoking discussion took place on Saturday, April 30th, 2022. If you've ever wanted to start a career in cybersecurity, Worlali has compiled a list of all the resources she utilized and will share them with you during the session.

"Be inquisitive, inquiring, break things, and be willing to mend them," she said as her parting words to us. Grab your pens and notebooks as Worlali takes the entire community through her cybersecurity crash course in under 45 minutes. Enjoy.