Python Applications - Python Ho April Meet-Up

Python Applications - Python Ho April Meet-Up

Just as we ended our first meet-up on February 1st, 2019 with much energy and vim to come back and pick up from where we left off, we decided to revisit something very basic but important during our second meet-up - Python Applications.

Why Python Applications as a theme for our April meet-up?
We all have had the experience of learning to code and writing basic commands in a new language which we're just getting started with and get lost all of sudden being overwhelmed with loads of tutorials and just marking time from one blog post to the other teaching the same thing - over and over again!

"learning to code is a good thing, but actually building a product or solving a problem is the Key" - and that's why we decided to put our Python skills to great use by building real-world applications and hence our April meet-ups focus.
Our April meet up was practically based on focusing on web development using the Django Web framework,

  • web scraping/scripting

with a balanced attendance of 18 members between our male and female community members this time around.

@osamfrimpong, a freelance software developer and a medical student - community lead, and our guest took time to well structure his presentation on Scraping the Web with Python with a hands-on project to further explain certain technicalities and the tools needed to successfully write a scraping script in Python and why the need for / or to Scrape data from the Web.

Photo credit: 4k Creatives

Both an interesting talks/presentations for anyone who is barely new and fresh to programming in the Python programming environment.

After which we looked at how we can quickly develop applications for the web using the Django Web Framework written in Python by building a simple web blog - presentation done by @kafuialordo - a freelance software developer and a community lead.

Looking at the Django architecture and why they need to use the framework in developing or building applications.

Photo Credit: 4k Creatives

It wasn't just talks/projects/presentations, we had an after-party and a network session to get up and close with one another from the community and how we can build/sustain it together.

Our April meet up was organized by the help of @PamieXaxhex @osamfrimpong @kafuialordo and Rasha

We couldn't have come this far with another great success and a successful meet up without the support of @ThePSF, Python Community Ghana, PyladiesHo, PythonHo and a great shout out to @thedonkarlos and @Official_HTU #CSDepartment for Hosting us.

We appreciate all your time and efforts and contributions towards this meet-up, see you at the next one.

This post was written by Kafui Alordo