Python Accra Build Session

Python Accra Build Session

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On November 4th, Python Accra hosted a highly anticipated build session at the SB Incubator, and it was a day filled with knowledge-sharing, networking, and hands-on coding. With participants eager to enhance their Python skills, this event provided an excellent platform for enthusiasts to come together and learn from experts in the field.

Getting Started

The day kicked off around 10:30 am, with participants busy networking and installing the necessary software for the build session. This introductory period allowed attendees to connect, ensuring everyone was well-prepared to dive into the world of Python development.

Meet the Main Speaker and Facilitator

The session officially commenced with the introduction of the main speaker and facilitator, Michael Turkson, a skilled software engineer from Mpharma. Michael shared his expertise and insights, guiding approximately 45 participants through a journey into web development. He covered fundamental technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and explained how Django, the Python web framework, seamlessly integrates into web development.

Hands-on Building

Following the informative sessions, participants had the chance to put their knowledge to use. They engaged in a hands-on project to build a booking application using Django. This practical application of their newly acquired skills helped solidify their understanding of the concepts and tools discussed earlier.

Mastering Clean Code

The learning experience didn't stop there. The event featured Paul Boamah, a senior software engineer at Stanbic, who led a session on writing clean code in Python. Attendees were taught best practices for coding in Python and encouraged to adhere to the Single Responsibility Principle from the SOLID principles. This emphasis on clean, efficient code is essential for producing maintainable and high-quality software.

The Conclusion and Beyond

The day's sessions wrapped up around 3 pm, leaving participants inspired and ready to apply their newfound knowledge in the world of Python development. To continue the journey and stay connected, participants were encouraged to join the Python Accra WhatsApp community, where they could share ideas, seek assistance, and collaborate with fellow Python enthusiasts.

Excitement is already building for the upcoming follow-up session, where participants will complete the build project online. Python Accra continues to be a hub for fostering collaboration, learning, and growth within the Python and tech community. Stay tuned for more exciting events and opportunities to expand your skills and connect with like-minded individuals.

Join Python Accra on their journey to explore the endless possibilities of Python and take part in shaping the future of technology in Accra!

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