PyLadies Kumasi Meetup 1.0

PyLadies Kumasi Meetup 1.0

PyLadies Ghana is an initiative under the Python Software Community in Ghana (Python Ghana) with a focus on helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community.

The PyLadies Kumasi Chapter held its maiden meetup on the 23rd Of February, 2019, where young ladies made various contributions toward the betterment and improvement of the community.

There was a talk about lots of diverse issues pertaining to the Python Software Community and how to encourage more ladies into venturing into programming. We were advised to not just have basic knowledge but also develop interest.

Prudence, the main lead of the Kumasi Chapter also broadened our horizon about the use of Github and encouraged everyone to have an active account. A date was later scheduled to teach how to use GitHub. We had Noah Alorwu, Micheal Young, and Mannie Young on a panel who also spoke about their individual experiences and also gave us tricks on the Python language.

There was enough to eat and drink at the end of the meetup. There was also time for networking. This enabled us to know each other's interests in programming and a lot more. We all shared a little about the Challenges and achievements we've encountered soo far and this was really helpful since many were inspired by the stories shared.

We are thankful to PyLadies Ghana, The Python Software Foundation and Hapaspace Hub for making this event possible.

This blog was written by Fafa and Prudence.