PyLadies Cape Coast First Meetup

PyLadies Cape Coast First Meetup
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On Saturday, 28th September 2019, PyLadies Cape Coast had its first meetup at the G-block, G-16, University of Cape Coast. The program recorded 31 ladies and 5 coaches. The program commenced at 9:00 am and closed at 1:45 pm.

After a 15 minutes informal and introductory session by the M.C, the program started with a long interaction led by Ms. Monica Koki, the local NUGS Women's Commissioner, UCC. The topic for discussion was “Women Empowerment”. The ladies shared their views on the need for women to take up roles, develop themselves to fit into society, and reach higher heights. There were several deliberations on bridging the gender gap in the tech ecosystem by inviting more ladies and exposing them to the latest technological tools. The session lasted for an hour and ended with a few questions and answers.

The next session saw the Lead for PyLadies Cape Coast, Ms. Kausara Kpabia introducing Python to the ladies and talking briefly about the PyLadies Ghana community, its stakeholders, missions, achievement, and visions in the long term. She also introduced the coaches to the participants and motivated the house to be a vibrant part of the PyLadies Cape Coast to help achieve the set goals for the chapter and the mother association, as a whole.

Thereafter, installations and preparations for the tutorial session began. The tutorial session lasted for two hours and thirty minutes where the ladies were taken through the basics of Python. From “Hello World”, to functions, the ladies gained mastery in Python basics from the tutor, Mr. Joshua Lartey. The event came to a close quickly after refreshment and socialization, at 1:45 pm. The event saw very few challenges from start to finish. The major problem of the day was access to an internet connection. The venue chosen was a poor hub for the chosen network service provider hence the challenge.
The session was very successful and we look forward to our next tutorial session. Big thanks to The PSF, Python Ghana, and PyLadies Ghana.