Open night: Talks, Tech Trends and AI.

Open night: Talks, Tech Trends and AI.

PUG Ho meetup | March 2024.

We were in much anticipation for when our community events and meetups will kick off for the year 2024. Finally a first of few planned meetups was held on Saturday 23rd March, 2024 at Node Eight, Ho. 14 members in attendance - 11 in person, 3 via Meet (online).

Our latest Python User Group meetup was a night of learning and exploration, featuring five exciting presentations, each took turns after the other, what a joyful night it was. New ideas shared, a lot of techniques and approach discovered. Mystery around coding and working with data unravelled. What more can we ask for?

Ndane Ndazhaga

A Microsoft Azure Certified engineer and a Data engineer with diverse background in building applications for the web and mobile with in depth knowledge and insight in playing with data.

Ndane presenting her talk on Object detection using YOLO and OpenCV

Aaron Yankey

Thrilled to welcome Aaron, a prominent figure in the Python community. Aaron, who holds positions at the Python Software Foundation (PSF), co-founded 2pi real intelligence, and created Elon EMF

An Intelligent Framework, that is designed to make work more pleasant to all workers. I am designed with flexibility, scalabilty, security and speed at my core. I hope you enjoy your experience with me, as we work together.

, kicked off the evening with a thought-provoking talk. His presentation sparked a lively discussion about the future of work and the role of intelligent tools.

Python in the Browser: A Refreshing Take

Following Aaron's talk, we delved into a fascinating presentation that challenged our perspective on Python. The talk explored the intriguing possibility of leveraging Python's unique multi-threaded architecture to run Python code directly within web browsers.

This innovative approach opened our eyes to new possibilities for web development and sparked discussions about potential applications and challenges.

Derek Degbe

A Data Engineer had an interactive session with the community more focused on word play with data manipulation techniques for developing/building effective machine learning models with much emphasies on building a robust data team which in turn reflects in a quality data product.

Issaka Sadick

a Software Developer who dabbles with Python and its related technologies and a Cybersecurity enthusiast shared with as an insight into one of his side projects he's been working on - LEXI -

This is "Lexi" a voice assistant for Linux. it can tell time, make searches on web, and performs some basic Linux operations

which he has now open sourced for the community to contribute to or use for learning purpose.

Julius Boakye

A Software Engineer with diverse background in web and mobile development using Python/Django, Flutter wrap it up with how we can leverage Python's potential to unlock Augmented Reality.

I believe we're just getting started, a lot to learn from industry folks and from the community at large. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and we're also poised on unravelling the very nitty gritty concepts around it for development and improvement both in our works and daily lives.

A Night of Learning and Community

The meetup was a success, promoting a lively exchange of ideas and knowledge, with presentations offering valuable insights and encouraging attendees to explore new avenues within the community and the Python ecosystem at large.

Stay Tuned!

We're excited to continue providing informative and engaging meetups, so stay tuned for upcoming events and connect with fellow Python enthusiasts in our community.

Python User Group Ho on GitHub is now on GitHub, follow our page and contribute to our community effort. A lot more is coming. Let's build a vibrant community together.

Hope to see you in the next one. Chaw!!!