Everything Python: Beginner Friendly Edition

Everything Python: Beginner Friendly Edition

On the 14th of October, 2023, Python Accra organized a remarkable webinar designed to be a guiding light for newcomers embarking on their Python journey. The event kicked off at noon, with El-Karece Asiedu, a Python Accra co-lead, introducing the theme and the speakers.

In an engaging kickoff, El-Karece and Salami, seasoned software engineers and also from the Python Accra team, steered the participants through the fundamental aspects of Python. They unveiled the secrets to installing Python on their local machines and even ventured into the realm of online Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) with replit. The eager learners were soon immersed in Python's foundational building blocks, including variables, data types, functions, strings, string manipulation, and the art of crafting conditional statements.

Gideon Salami then took the stage and showcased Python libraries and resources, demonstrating the fun and powerful things you can do with Python.

As the virtual curtain began to draw, our distinguished guest speaker, Robert Antwi, a senior software engineer at Mpharma, graced the event with a wealth of insights. He passionately delved into the myriad of career opportunities awaiting those who use Python. From data engineers to quality assurance specialists and DevOps practitioners, the audience was treated to a panoramic view of the promising avenues that Python proficiency can unlock.

Despite minor technical hiccups along the way, the participants emerged from the event with a newfound understanding of Python and a solid starting point for their journey. For those who missed the live experience, fret not; you can catch the event recording here.

To facilitate the budding enthusiasts, we've also provided a repository link tailored for beginners, offering a smooth on-ramp to Python's captivating world. The Python basics repository link.

Mark your calendars and prepare for our next rendezvous on the 4th of November. This upcoming event promises an immersive, hands-on experience—a practical build session to guide you in crafting your very first Python application. Click here to register.