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PyLadies Night With Naa Lamle Lamptey

Cover Letter And CV Clinic

Stop applying for jobs with a generic CV! You probably also use the terms "resume" and "CV" interchangeably. You also had no idea that recruiters only spend a maximum of 20 seconds per resume.

There is a lot to unlearn and learn when it comes to creating resumes and CV for that dream tech job or even graduate school applications. Make time to listen to the June PyLadies Night Session with Naa Lamle Lamptey, a financial analyst and the founder of the Instagram page Elevate with NLL. She has a plethora of expertise in assisting young professionals launch their dream careers and graduate schools by revamping their resumes and cover letters.

This hands-on session was eye-opening, and two lucky ladies had their CV reviewed!

You can watch the recorded session below

Don't miss out on this content; your next job is just a solid CV away.