Python : The choice for AI and ML applications in modern technology

Python : The choice for AI and ML applications in modern technology

On the 27th of April 2024 Python Kumasi organised an educative session designed to educate attendees on Python and why its used heavily in the AI and ML industry. The event started at 9am with Allen Eben the Python Kumasi Lead introducing the theme and the speaker. The event was titled Python: The choice for AI and ML applications in modern technology.

In an engaging kickoff Allen Eben and Martin Arbogeh organized a tutorial session on lists, functions and classes and their applications in real world codebases. The eager learners and attendees were able to appreciate when and how to use these concepts and had the opportunity to use them to build mini projects.

A break was given for attendees to network and introduce themselves. This introductory period allowed the attendees to connect ensuring everyone had made a new friend or a connection.

After the break Mark Awuku a consultant in AI and ML Engineering took to the stage and shared his insights and experiences on AI and ML Engineering. He passionately delved into why Python is the choice for building Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems

The session wrapped up around 2pm leaving participants inspired and ready to apply their newfound knowledge in Python, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.To continue the journey and stay connected, participants were encouraged to join the Python Kumasi WhatsApp community, where they could share ideas, seek assistance, and collaborate with fellow Python enthusiasts.

The attendees were excited about attending our next meetup scheduled on May 25th. Python Kumasi continues to be a hub for fostering collaboration, learning, and growth within the Python and tech community. Stay tuned for more exciting events and opportunities to expand your skills and connect with like-minded individuals.