Python for Digital Marketing

Python for Digital Marketing

Python is amongst the top AI and data science skills today. Business Telegraph found that CEOs and tech professionals—including programmers—must master Python to be key drivers in their industries. The programming language is open-source, meaning great creativity and skill are required to understand and use it. As such, those who learn Python establish credibility amongst their tech-savvy peers.

Aside from this, Python has many uses, like website-building, task automation, and today’s topic: digital marketing. Below, you will find the digital marketing benefits of this programming language and the best ways to use it.

The Digital Marketing Benefits of Python

It improves data collection

As an open-source language, data models can be integrated into Python to collect data from websites, software, and the like. The gathered data informs digital marketers of consumer preferences and shopping behaviors they can use to market their products better. For instance, if data tells them that product A attracts more new customers than product B, they’ll use product A in more online campaigns.

It optimises content

A/B testing compares two versions of the same thing (like online advertisements) to determine which performs better. Usually, A/B testing is a tedious process of researching, formulating hypotheses, and analyzing statistics. Python can integrate codes for A/B testing that do all these with limited human intervention, streamlining the process. Upon getting the results, Python can implement changes immediately, such as publishing a more compelling online advertisement.

It helps with customer segmentation

Customer segmentation means grouping customers based on their shared characteristics—like age or gender—allowing for more personalized strategies. A data scientist shared on Medium that customer segmentation is possible with Python and can be faster and more effective than manually analyzing customer data. In his experiment, he used k-means for clustering analysis. He integrated this into Python, which then segmented customers into four groups on which he could base his marketing strategies.

The Best Ways to Work With Python.

Data Analysis and Data Visualisation

One of the best uses of Python for digital marketing is data analysis and visualization. Digital marketing bases its strategies on data, so optimising it with Python makes for more efficient processes. The pandas software library has data structures and operations that can be utilized to analyze data. Meanwhile, matplotlib is a multi-platform library for data visualization. Through its resources, programmers can present data in charts, graphs, or tables that make it easier to understand. After all, data consists of many numbers and statistics. Visual representations of these numbers are more convenient for digital marketers to comprehend and base their strategies on.

Technical SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that aims to increase a website’s rankings on search engines like Google. This way, more people become aware of a business's existence. One type of SEO is technical SEO, which improves a server’s search engine ranking by optimizing its technical aspects. Ayima Kickstart notes that knowledge of this ensures that Googlebot—Google’s web crawler—can successfully crawl and index the operable aspects of a site. Python makes technical SEO processes more efficient by detecting 404 errors, incorrect site indexing, and slow loading speeds. This feature allows programmers to resolve these issues and improve technical SEO efforts to increase your business's online visibility.

Web Scraping

Web scraping is the collection of large amounts of data from multiple internet sources. Our post ‘Web Scraping with Python’ states that one of its uses is digital marketing. The data collected can be used to boost website traffic. For example, knowing a competitor’s number of posts and followers allows digital marketers to shift their strategies accordingly. Web scraping is typically time-consuming, but programmers can automate it using code from libraries like Selenium and BeautifulSoup. Doing so saves more time, allowing digital marketers quicker access to data that can help improve their strategies.

Python is a valuable tool that makes digital marketing processes more efficient. Learn Python today to take advantage of its versatility and use in digital marketing.