My First Experience as a Django girls Coach

My First Experience as a Django girls Coach

Coaching at Django Girls Ho was a refreshing and eye-opening experience for me.

After attending my first ever Django Girls event at Capecoast in February as a mentee. I worked on finishing my blog before the next event so I could apply as a coach but I wasn’t able to meet the target.

I refrained from applying as either a coach or mentee because I thought I didn’t have the experience to apply as a coach and I also didn’t want to take the space of someone with zero knowledge of Django since I already have the tutorial book from the previous event.

I was able to attend Django Girls Ho with the hope of finishing my blog at the event, through the help of some of the coaches. When the event started, I teamed up with Coach Barbara as an assistant coach+mentee.

It was her first experience as a coach and she had three mentees excluding me. Therefore, I offered to mentor one of her mentee, Dzifa so she could concentrate on the other two.

Coaching Dzifa was really refreshing. I felt good that I was able to share my little knowledge of Django and Python with someone else and I was able to learn and understand more by teaching.

I was so nervous and I had to keep asking her severally if she really understands. I think I was really able to calm down after the thumbs-up and support I got from her and other experienced coaches at the event.

It was a really fun and awesome experience and I hope I get to impact more knowledge and give back to the Programming community. Thanks to organizers, sponsors and the whole Python Software Community in Ghana for making these events available.

This post was written by Rahmat Akintola