Girls Trip to Zlitch Technologies Limited

Girls Trip to Zlitch Technologies Limited

Even though it was a nice meeting, only four ladies were able to make it to Zlitch Technologies Limited. Being curious and having the intention of learning new stuff, I was the first to arrive at Zlitch Technologies Limited, about 30 minutes before the scheduled time on the 26th of July, 2019. I must say it was my first time being at a company with such flexibility. The atmosphere was conducive and the most surprising thing is that they were all youngsters. I expected to see workers in ties and suits but I thought wrongly. I was warmly welcomed and as I waited for the rest, I enjoyed some videos on YouTube.

One by one the workers stopped by to say hi and chat a bit with me. In no time, the remaining three ladies showed up and we started the session. The amazing thing is the name of the company; Zero + Glitch(error) = Zlitch technologies Ltd. No wonder the staff knew what to do at the right time... Everything went on very well right from the introduction session to the closing remarks.

We were warmly welcomed by the Director of Operations, Kweku Ankrah who later on took us through how the company came into being.

The second speaker, Clifford took us through the varieties of technologies available; artificial intelligence (using Mark Zuggerberg's house AI), machine learning, robotic processing automation, virtual reality and augmented reality, cyber security, and data science. For me, I was the happiest woman on earth because I learnt a lot. Most of the sessions were new to me but thanks to the videos attached to the presentations, I could easily understand.

The presentations were so great because they attached videos to them and they made them interactive. In fact, this field trip is one of my best ever trips attended. The CEO gave the closing remarks with some words of encouragement.

This blog was written by Comfort Olatunde.